Installing a high quality leather coating on your new vehicle provides protection from dye transfer, stains and premature aging of the surface from UV damage, while also making the leather easy to clean and maintain.

Our leather coating, NXTZEN L-COAT, is a flexible coating designed for protection of leather and vinyl surfaces. The high flexibility of L-COAT allows it to flex and move with the surface without degrading the structure of the coating. L-COAT contains high levels of active ingredients designed to enhance the "non-stick" effect of modern automotive leather surfaces. Stains and dye-transfer from clothing is greatly reduced and makes cleaning of these surfaces easier. To maintain the factory satin appearance of your leather and vinyl, L-COAT is manufactured to minimise any added gloss to the surface.

NXTZEN FIBER COAT is a water-based coating for protection of fabric and carpet surfaces. Fiber Coat utilises the latest C6 polymer technology (that used by teflon coated cookware) to produce a durable bond with the surface of these fibres and create a hydrophobic effect to prevent permanent stains to the material. NXTZEN Fiber Coat is resistant to wear and tear over time providing superior durability for the textile surfaces.

Our interior coating products come with a nationwide 5 year protection guarantee.

Pricing & Packages

pricing and packages

Ceramic Coating


(Starting Price)

  • Exterior Wash & Detail
  • Paint Decontamination
  • Ceramic Coating
  • 5+ Year Product Guarantee
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Signature Package


(Starting Price)

  • Multi-stage Paint Enhancement
  • Full Front Stone Chip Protection Film (PPF)
  • 9 Year Multi-Layer Ceramic Paint Coating
  • Leather & Fabric Coating
  • Hydrophobic Windscreen Coating
  • Wheel Face Ceramic Coating
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Stone Chip Protection


(Starting Price)

  • Exterior Wash & Detail
  • Paint Decontamination
  • Single Stage Paint Enhancement
  • Full Front PPF
  • 10+ Year Product Guarantee
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